jdb的电子官方网站经济增长 is an exciting initiative of jdb的电子夺宝官方 that will bring the highest quality educational opportunities and world-class research expertise to Australia's fastest growing region.

这一倡议致力于jdb的电子官方网站的持续发展 战略目标 成为一所具有国际地位和前景的大学, 通过奖学金取得卓越成绩, 教学, 学习, 为当地和国际社会进行研究和服务, 首先是大西悉尼的人民.


Following the opening of two new state-of-the-art campuses in Parramatta and Liverpool CBDs, 牛津大学正在以更先进的学习方式锐意进取, 该地区主要CBDs和增长中心的教学和研究设施.

The University’s third vertical campus is 位于班克斯敦中央商务区的中心地带. 将于2022年开放, 目前正在与工作人员商讨计划, 学生与社会.

Students, staff and local communities are already benefiting from the University's innovative 帕拉马塔的城市校园还有帕拉马塔广场1号的彼得·谢尔戈德大楼和jdb的电子夺宝官方的新大楼 利物浦城市的校园恩加拉恩加拉大楼.


在接下来的20年, 西悉尼的人口预计将再增加100万, 贡献了悉尼预期人口增长的一半以上. jdb的电子官方网站经济增长 will reshape the University’s campuses into a hybrid network of vertical CBD campuses and more traditional campuses across jdb的电子夺宝官方 Sydney, striving for efficient utilisation of space in order to sustainably provide the communities we serve.

jdb的电子官方网站经济增长 is also aligned with the Australian Government Policy on Smart Cities including working to combat the current outflow of 200,每天有3万人离开这个地区去工作, 预计将增长到340,000 by 2041. jdb的电子夺宝官方 is determined to provide broader opportunities in education, 离公共交通工具很近的地方, while driving infrastructure potential for further essential services to be placed in key jdb的电子夺宝官方 Sydney regions. 这一倡议将创造更多的无障碍, 靠近行业的连接学习中心, 这为真实世界的学习经验和未来的就业提供了机会.


紧随创新的成功交付, technology-infused 教学 and research facilities in both the Parramatta and Liverpool CBDs, 该大学正在推进其第四个垂直校园的规划, 位于班克斯敦中央商务区的中心地带.

校园位于里卡德路74号, Bankstown, 坎特伯雷-班克斯敦市议会和班克斯敦图书馆和知识中心之间.

The Bankstown City campus will be open for 教学 in early 2023 and is changing the traditional model of the university - offering highly-accessible, 技术比较, cutting edge 教学 and research facilities as well as opportunities for work integrated 学习, 合作企业的合作, 和强大的行业, 社区与商界的联系.

The campus will revitalise the Bankstown CBD and provide a major boost to the city’s economy as well as its social infrastructure. 它将把学生带到市中心, connecting them with local 业务 and industry and embedding the University in the economic, 班克斯敦的社会和公民生活. Community accessible retail and commercial spaces provide further connections and benefits to the community.

Bankstown城市校园 will include informal 学习 areas and social spaces for students (both indoor and outdoor terraced spaces), 社区参与的空间, 以及展示行业伙伴关系和创新的灵活空间.

The ground floor level designed to connect with the adjacent Paul Keating Park and create a public urban forecourt and visibility into the heart of the 18-storey, 雕塑建筑. 灵感来自几何学和后退,尽量减少开放空间的阴影.

追踪6绿星评级, 光伏屋面板, 可再生能源, 雨水收集和再利用, 以及创新的照明和遮阳系统. Other three are-Peter Shergold Building Parramatta Innovation HubWestmead Innovation Quarter



The proposed Bankstown城市校园 will enable the University to move from its existing Milperra Campus and establish a suite of education and research programs to reflect its new location in the north of the Bankstown CBD. 

公共交通工具可以很方便地到达新校园, 包括火车, 公共汽车, and the future planned Bankstown Metro station – a major benefit to the student and staff community.

In 2018 the NSW Government released the most recent Greater Sydney Regional Plan which reaffirmed Bankstown as a priority health and education precinct. The University’s presence in the heart of Bankstown CBD will have a transformative impact on the city and its people.

班克斯敦市新校区将开设的课程包括教育, 社会科学, 业务, 和健康, as well as its pathway programs and foundation studies offered by the University’s The College. The University is regularly communicating with students and staff about the new Bankstown City campus and the proposed transition from Milperra. 没有课程会因为这一举动而中断.

在施工期间, some areas of the Paul Keating Park may be impacted with temporary fencing to prevent dust and debris. The University will be implementing measures to reduce any potential impact on the park, 直接区域和当地社区.

As part of the planning process studies have been undertaken to assess and mitigate the environmental, 校园建设和运营对经济和社会的影响.

An Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment is also being undertaken to understand and determine any items of aboriginal cultural significance.

This development is an educational institution and has met the criteria for what is known as a ‘State Significant Development’. This means it must be assessed by the Department of Planning, 工业和环境.

作为这个过程的一部分, State Significant Developments must be available for public exhibition for a minimum of 28 days. During this time community were invited to comment on the development plans by submission to the Department of Planning, 工业和环境.


  • 2020年10月:现场开幕和前期工作
  • 2021年2月:批准国家重大开发申请
  • 2021年2月:主要建设开始
  • 2022年3月:大学舾装开始
  • 2022年8月:建筑结构达到顶峰
  • 2022年11月30日:实际完成
  • 2023年初:经规划批准后,开始上课.


  • 为学生、员工和社区改善校园网络的可达性
  • improve student access to jobs through enhanced opportunities for collaboration with industry and research partners
  • 通过新技术丰富的学习环境改善学生体验, 和灵活的, 高舒适的设施
  • act as a catalyst to enhance the social and economic environment including the health and wellbeing of the people of jdb的电子夺宝官方 Sydney


  • 打造更灵活、更强大的大学, 身体上和经济上, 为下一波行业变革做好准备
  • strengthen the University’s financial position through the creation of new and diversified revenue streams and increased operational efficiencies
  • deliver new environments enabling the provision of state of the art 学习 教学 and research opportunities


The University continues to explore new opportunities for collaborative partnerships with local industry surrounding our campus locations to stimulate student access to the innovative, 未来的高科技工作.

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